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randomly a lot of times, my shortcuts will stop working and i cant scroll in and out to i am using the latest maya on mac if that matters.
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L Key all SRT for selection. Does not work if you have a bone or image currently selected. Doesn't matter if it's on a selection. Pan up-down mousewheel over dopesheet Zoom mousewheel over timeline, that thing with the numbers below the dopesheet Select a key click on a key Box-select multiple keys drag a box in the dopesheet, starting from an empty area Delete a key double click on a key Move key or selection click and drag on key or selection box. The mouse pointer will look like a move cursor Hold SHIFT to prevent snapping to the nearest integer frame when moving or selecting keys.

Hold CTRL when clicking on or box-selecting keys to add keys to your current selection.

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You can have multiple selection boxes! Hold ALT while moving keys or selection boxes to also move all keys after it. Then drag the left or right edge of selection box. The mouse pointer will look like a horizontal-resize cursor. This is sometimes useful for when you need to select the last frame in a loop. Sometimes just clicking on the last frame works. But sometimes it doesn't. But for this purpose, jump to last key E also works. It will turn white if you hover over it. Dopesheet: Click on a transform property rotate, translate, scale in the dopesheet under the name of the bone you want.

Pharan Oh wow. Who's the lucky other? Is it Shiu? Nate Thanks! Haha, I wouldn't touch Shiu with your Forgot, the K and L were swapped in the Trello list. Here's an up to date list plus some mouse shortcuts. Probably something in there you haven't found yet! Key all changed S R Ts , slot images , and slot colors.

K Key S R or T for current tool. L Key all S R T for selection. Shiu I'm so disappointed Nate wont marry me. Also, you can hold them down.

Shiu Stickied this post thanks a bunch! Pharan lol. Trying the shortcuts for a few days now, it feels like F should've been next frame and R should've been previous. What do you think, Shiu? Just having it at all though is great for image swapping and snappy stuff, and nearby frames in general.

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No more jumping back and forth from the tree and dopesheet or the viewport and dopesheet. Actually, I wanted to put this list up as a wiki somewhere. I don't want to maintain this by myself. Try uninstalling and reinstalling, and make sure to delete the Maya prefs folder.

Nice one haha! Like a parent trying to make their child forget the toy that he has been crying about for half an hour. I remember how sometimes waaay too often Maya would crash when I pressed the smooth mesh preview 3 key. The crazy thing is that ALL of the previous saves of the same scene also got corrupted, effectively destroying the whole project. When I would open the crashed scene to try to stop the process or salvage what I could, Maya would crash again.

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But I was too angry to stop, so I kept doing it, and miraculously on about 12th try, somehow Maya did not crash right away, so I quickly zoomed out, selected everything, and exported it all. Maya then crashed again in the matter of seconds. So I imported it all into a new scene, and made about 10 copies of the scene just to be sure.

After that crashes happened rarely, but I always had a backup. So even being such a strictly algorithmic program, Maya is so damn complex, that it can even fail to fail! I never thought to try loading the same crash file over and over… I am surprised to hear it actually worked! Thanks for sharing, that will come in handy for my students in the future, no doubt. This stupidity has happened to me just now. I had a complex scene and a few objects disappeared from all viewports, but not from the outliner. Sounds like you need to merge your verts. But if things are crashing when you go into smooth proxy mode, try repairing your object using the tips in this post!

Tnx david, d OBJ format workd, bt it came wit 2 prblms, backward view, turning half tof d mesh black, n only half of d mesh smooths,, i try deleting half of d black mesh n re duplicating, it worked, bt d IDS prblm is still dia, induvidual duplicate smoothing,, dats nt maya term, i name tins,, lol,,. Thanks so much! Try exporting the object in OBJ format instead and see what happens. Make sure the version of max and Maya your using are the same version number, that could potentially be causing the issue.

Dear James, a friend of mine works with Maya and ran into a saving problem recently. Maybe your expertise can solve the problem. Then when she checks, nothing new was saved. There are no errors or crashes, it just says it saved, and yet when you reopen the file, new work went missing. I did that a few times till all the blood in my body was in my head and i decided i should try something else. So i rebooted the comp. I also tried deleting the maya prefs, still no go. Exporting to obj should fix anything. The fact that it is crashing when you hit 6 suggests that it is texture related.

Try assigning the default Lambert and see if it fixes it. If so, the material or texture may be the problem. Heh i just did James. I just did. Is there a way to track down the faulty shader? Sure i guess i work in a bad way, i should make every shader first, each on their own, then import and not all together in one scene. I guess iam a tad stupid that way.

How to speed up work by setting shortcut key in maya

So, i tried the lambert on to the mesh. Did you export it as an obj? That should do it. Great as always. Maya and suddenly when I export as a Obj it imports with a black SG instead of the texture. Googled like crazy and no joy. In any case take care, Scott. And try unlocking your normals, sometimes that will do it. Thx, normals facing correctly but didnt check the other two, will have a look. Thx again Scott. Guessing for some reason shader is losing that jpg map and leaving it black.

I apply a substance and it shows up just fine on my model but if I close the file and reopen it the textures are blacked out. If I make a random polygon and test my substance on that it just blacks out as well. I was only concerned about seeing the textures because I have more to do. The next time I opened it, all my meshes are distorted. How can I solve this? Thanks in advance. Try using fbx instead of MA. For some reason the replace tool in maya is not working properly on my Maya but works well on other computers in the office. When i try to replace a couple of curves with a simple sphere they either disappear in the scene or are replaced with a weird offset, ive freezed transformation centerd pivot deleted history and all that best practice stuff like even deleting prefs but still same bug.

Do you have a solution for this?

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Thanks sooo much! I was close to giving up on that model but the first solution worked like a charm. Mesh Combine technique 1. How does it work? We create a brand new poly object, which we know works fine. Time to go caveman. Repeat step 2, but this time choose OBJ and export. Create a new Maya file, and import the OBJ file.

Hopefully the problem is fixed! Time for the big guns. Nuke the site from orbit: Reset Maya We are going to reset Maya back to factory specs. Maya must be shut down for this to work! Go to the Maya prefs folder. Previous Post Where does Maya save crash files? Next Post Quick portfolio site tips. Cheers, Shannon P.

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  5. None of that worked! Please let me know what I need to do go move forward. I am stuck because of this issue. Cheers in advance. James Taylor pweaase help me, yer my only hope! So i open up the file and i wanted to continue working on it. Did the same nothing, And it crashed. So i tried exporting it to. So i decided i should try to combine a fresh and so clean box to the mesh.