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A in. PC may cost a lot less than a in. Mac. But you get less, too, including security, multimedia tools, and, some say, satisfaction.
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Dino Grandoni. Suggest a correction. Canada U. US News. World News. Social Justice. Donald Trump. Queer Voices. Black Voices. Latino Voices. Asian Voices. HuffPost Personal. Special Projects. Impact: Project Zero. The thing is… you don't need that crap in a Mac. It stays cool and yes, it can connect to 4 monitors, in fact I'm using 6 right now, plus a projector. Such is life. Macs are good for people who just want to use a computer, not pull it apart and play with it — and not many people want to, nor are capable of doing this.

I love the built in software you get with Macs. What killed the PC for me, was all the malware, viruses and the like which managed to creep in — despite firewalls, antivirus etc. Mac seems very good from this point of view. Built-in apps with Mac. To make it work you have to purchase and install the Office products for Mac which are STILL not completely compatible, but a lot closer.

Your iMac is temperamental. Thanks for being honest with that! The malware issue. Mac users will experience more and more malware and similar issues as their users grow. This is ironic, as Apple continues to try to grow the number of Mac users while touting that they have no issues with viruses or malware.

If you are the most populous computer, you will face the most challenges with people trying to take advantage of you. I contend with the author that the two choices are very similar. If you want a Mac you are going to spend much more money than you would for a comparable PC. It means you have bought into the Apple marketing and thus have spent more money than necessary for a decent computer. The caveat here is that some folks are forced into a Mac because of what they do developing iPhone apps, for example.

PC users complain about officer not being compatable between mac and windows. Is true. Very true. So very true. You should know better and you should get off the web with your little wimpy, inefficient PC. Don't be hating on Mac users just because you can't afford to use one.

Boo hoo. Powerpoint is a nightmare — but can be exported to Quicktime video from within Mac — which allows transitions etc via iWork. An alternative is either to export docs to. I find that. Or maybe a few more Mac users will be truthful! Time will tell. I guess too, that I grew very frustrated with the fact that Windows does not do anything new and useful. File management needs sorting out maybe Windows 7 is better. I can tag blog posts and put them on categories — on the Mac I can create a cool thing called a Smart Folder — which allows me to keep all the stuff from certain projects or containing certain info in one place.

Aside from compatibility issues, I think my Mac allows me to work smarter than Windows. Indeed, I had Macized the look of my old XP laptop! Marketing is all very well, but if the product sucks, no amount of marketing can save it, as MS knows from the Vista disaster. Apples are good — I know people who have used them for years — graphic designers and a film producer, and they swear by the things.

Word of mouth beats marketing. Again, Vista is an example. I have a Blackberry, my other half has an iPhone, while I prefer my Blackberry, I have the admit that the iPhone is an excellent product. Apple stuff may cost more, but I think you get more in return. PC of course!!!! Alex, I appreciated your calm, collected response. For almost every Apple product I have found other brands where I get more for my money. MP3 players are the only area where I have found this is not true. You can almost always pay less and get more when you go the PC route.

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You obviously have no idea when it comes to the funtionality of a mac vs a pc. Most hate the PC and prefer a Unix system any day. Most of us use Windows mostly because it is common place, but we all have our back-ups. They tell me how great they are. I take what they say with a grain of salt since whatever they have when it comes to anything is better than anything else.

What Is Mac and How Is it Different From PC?

One is an average Joe. The third is a programmer that works at home. He supports a multi-million dollar company with programming and also does much networking set-up for them and customer support. Their network is PC based. He was a PC and Microsoft does no wrong person.

The programmer is tough on anything, he often at peak can work 12 hours a day. His Mac Pro has had to go in for a new keyboard twice. He has replaced the mouse twice. Being in the field he is in he has a two year replacement policy because the company equipment sold has to be the latest. He needs to keep up fairly closely to what they sell. Never a problem with them. Their IPhones make me laugh. They love them, there is nothing better, but then they were tied in to ATT which sucked. Then they are lined up when the next one comes out. Where I see problems Apple users claim to never have, is go to a few good Apple forum sites.

Garrus: The Xeon is a much older architecture then the Icore7 which from my experience beat the living shit out of my old Xeon hell the machine I am using now a quad core beats the old xeon box I have according to benchmarking anyway. I liked windows for general use, but I do know my way around the regular troubles.

One point to bring up though about Macs is the expense that software can be for it. Also… not nearly as many video games for Macs. There are definitely some companies, like Valve who are venturing into Macs, but definitely not nearly as many — and they do not run nearly as well. Plus for Macs though: great for school. I love their word processor and data entry program, I can literally whip it out anywhere and it will come on in no time, the battery life is amazing compared to my PC… but wow is it LOUD when it is on battery life. Get a PC if you are anyone else. Yes, definitely get a Mac if you're going to college.

If you work at Wendy's and spend the rest of your time video-gaming, then stick with a PC. That's all you'll be able to afford. Therein lies the secret. I love how Appleheads try to make that a legitimate argument. This is not the fault of the Operating System. Depending on how you define "mac", having one custom built is entirely within the realm of possibility.

If you really wanted to you could run OSX on a custom built rig. The OS is out there and I'm fairly certain that Apple even sells it in their stores don't quote me on that though. And many people don't have the technical know how to build their own computer. They want something that's simple and works, which is why they get a pre-built system. I know firsthand how much cheaper it is to build your own computer.

But by doing that, you have to know what part is busted and call up the company that made it if you have a hardware error. Compared to simply calling up the company whose name is on your system and having them walk you through your issues or replace the part — well there really isn't much of a comparison.

Whether it's a PC company or Apple, customer support is extremely important to a lot of people. And a lot of people have said really good things about Apple's customer support. Coupled with their design and all the pre-loaded options, it's not really surprising why less tech-savvy people or even people who don't have the time to fudge around inside a computer would pick the Mac option.

Well, la dee dah, big Steve. You speak with such authority. It really is a turn on. Call me big guy. The Dell, HP, Asus, etc, monitors were not amazing, but they were decent. But when I looked at the Apple monitors… Wow. What pieces of crap. They had at least 5x lower specs. I guess the debate continues. I prefer the PC because the competition between all the vendors of hardware and software seems to keep prices down. I imagine the vast majority of hackers are tinkering quietly on various projects, not hurting anybody, and not part of the malicious minority.

This is an OS debate. Also, linux runs on them both and out performs them both in a lot of areas, including running the vast majority of the internet Including this website. You may consider this to be a natural consequence of my lack of experience with macs. However my friend is a longstanding mac owner and the interesting twist is that it seemed to have infantilized his understanding of how to use a computer.

For example he had no idea it was possible to go straight to a website if you knew its address. Whereas my windows using father who is a computing newbie and fairly indifferent about the tech already has a much better grasp of key concepts. The Ilife suite is awesome for sure though, loads of powerful easy to use programs designed by intelligent people, for the average computer user.

Somebody else brought up a good point, You can install windows on a Mac, or Mac osX on a pc, this has flipped a lot around for more advanced computer users — Hackintosh Netbooks for example are awesome — OSX is pretty, and fast even on a 1. If you are just seriously interested in having the convenience of computers in your life, buying all apple products is an awesome but expensive way to do this.

I believe for the basic computer user a mac would probably easier and safer to use than a PC. However, you DO pay more. So stop lying to others and to yourselves, macs are very good and fancy and all but you can get the same hardware on a different laptop for much cheaper. I have used both for 20 years. If I am required to use a Windows machine for work, I will, but everything I do takes more time, more steps. There are some specialized programs that are Windows only.

But after a lifetime of hardcore mac-hatred i bought my macbook pro. In addition to my MB pro, i have an ipod classic and an iphone call me fanboy all you want and it must be noted that the integration of my phone and my computer is flawless. This article is a complete failure. If the argument was truly between nerds, they would both be talking about different builds of Linux. I am a Microsoft man.

It was ugly, clunky, and generally did not perform as well as the DOS based machines that made up the bulk of the computer lab. Microsoft continued to advance their technologies, and did a marvelous job of it. Through all the years, my favorite version of the Windows operating system has been Windows 98 with SP2.

So far this was the best combination of stability and size. Which brings me to Windows 7. I have the bit version. I HATE it. Well, except for Me Windows 7 crashed within the first 10 minutes out of the box, and has not quit crashing since. It reliably crashes a couple times an hour, and must be rebooted once per day. But then again windows is prone to BSOD, slow-downs over time for no reason, malware no matter how good your virus protection is and no matter how "internet savvy" you are I. Nothing else. It started doing its weird thing where it hangs in the UT3 editor for no reason, it crashes during steam games for no reason.

Windows if flawd no matter what people say, sorry. Did i mention it came out in ? Bootcamp does not mean you have a pc. It means you can run things like microsoft word. Why bother? Do not debate this, this is fact. You cannot upgrade them by yourself. You can upgrade them, but it voids your warranty. Or you can let Apple do it. For more than twice the cost of upgrading your pc. You cannot tweak the OS, or the computer will brick itself. What you receive is what you get. Your computer will never be better than when you got it.

I like Macs. They are perfect for that. But games? Your computers are not better. Otherwise, they are finicky, annoying, and a downright waste of time and money. Sorry, but I haven't had any bootcamp problems latley. But then again I didn't buy a mac to run windows on it, I bought a mac to ditch windows altogether because of the headaches over the past 10 years with it. I'm not a computer "noob" either before you go off and think that. And games? Check out the mac app store, and there are tons of games for steam now for mac. Portal 2 coming! Macs are very good machines, and my PC with Mac-comparable hardware was just as expensive for those who think PCs are much cheaper, there are more things to look for than advertised hardware summaries.

Touch screen phones are quickly taking up after iPhone, I got one and is the worst thing ever. However, like many others, you seem to be missing the price difference point. Desktops are just as dramatic in price difference — especially if you build your own. Since the last dispute with no Flash support on the iPads, I will not buy one.

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Many, Many, Many websites still use and live by aAdobe! NO USB! No Output Ports at all! No Webcam? I hate how Steve Jobs tells his consumers whats best for them, his ego is bull. The looks of a computer are not as important as its functionality, and never will be. If I was buying a computer on looks I would go Mac. But if I am spending money for performance and functionality I say go PC. I have 7 on a netbook and my Notebook and love it. Its not a attitude thing for Apple either, its just supporting Mr. After all the consumers make any company.

Thats my 2 pennies worth. Anthony Coons. Several of you have implied or even directly stated that Mac users are not truthful regarding the reliability of their machines. Yet, you will find significantly fewer complaints on any of the Mac forums. This is what first got me looking into switching to Mac for my next laptop. Are the Mac users keeping the problems they are having a secret? I do not think so. Another factor among many that prompted my switch to Mac is the fact that all of the people I know who have Macs love them and have nothing but good things to say about them.

This is not so with the Widows-based computer owners. I recently purchased a MacBook Pro and I am amazed by the build quality of this machine. I feel that it is vastly superior to any previous version of Windows. However, Snow Leopard seems snappier and smoother than even Windows 7. I have had absolutely no hardware or software problems with this machine. Understand that these are simply my honest reflections.

Yes, Macs are more expensive than Windows-based computers. However, pick up, hold and examine a MacBook Pro, and you may start to understand that this higher price does reflect significantly higher quality. Use one for even a short while, and this becomes even more evident. Rather, I think this is due to economy of scale, as are other Mac vs. PC points the proliferation of viruses, for example.

Avid Mac users love this, and most power PC users despise it. I will use my recent purchase of an HP G60 laptop again as an example. Built solidly, at least to the same level as the Mac unlike some cheaper PC laptops, which I must admit are mostly plastic and made very poorly. Additionally, the fact that you can mix hardware and other things around on PCs more freely than with Macs means there is the potential for more hardware-hardware or hardware-OS complications or conflicts.

This is something power PC users have learned to expect and work around, as they appreciate that competition drives down prices. Other, less savvy users are more prone to turn to the Mac, because there are far fewer choices involved. Apple packages it, and they take what is given to them. I am attempting to speak at a general level with regard to most of the populace represented on both sides.

I will continue to spend less for more powerful, flexible machines and deal with the occasional hiccups that may arise.

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Yes, there are some very solidly built PCs, but they are much more rare than the mediocre to poorly-built ones. Macs are all built on a high-quality level. It is fact that they are known for being of high quality, and this is a significant factor in my switching to Mac. With regard to the number of Macs vs.

Mac vs Windows for Software Engineers (best laptop for programming)

I may not be the most knowledgeable, but I do know my way around computers. For the record, I am a mathematician by profession. With all of this being said, I do not wish this to continue in the form of a Brand X vs. All of the computer brands and associated software have their strengths and weaknesses, their good points and their bad points.

I was anti-Apple until recently, when I performed careful analysis between ALL of the different brands. In the end, I found Mac to be a better choice for me. And I, unlike so many on both sides of the fence, have used and owned both. If you truly do not want a Mac, Dell or other brand, do not get it. Windows 7 is lightyears ahead of anything MS has every built. I spend half of my personal time fixing one problem or another on Windows PCs belonging to family members and friends.

Everything from viruses to driver problems. On a Mac, it just works the way it should work — no problems. I own both, but if I could only have one it would be a Mac — hands down. You know, I just wrote up about a word response, partially inclusive of comments to Jigmeister about how, as a tech, he should know why PCs are perceived as having more issues than Macs…but then I realized I would be repeating myself and several others, above for the third or fourth time.

I am more than happy to allow them to continue to feel this way as I continue to enjoy the versatility, power, and affordability of the PC environment. You say that people perceive PCs as having more issues than Mac. To perceive is to become aware of, know, or identify by means of the senses. Are you saying that their senses are deceiving them? Yes, PCs are more customizable and cheaper than Macs. More power can be had for less money. However, Macs are higher quality machines and they work better. No amount of arguing, name-calling or false accusations of being misled will change this.

For many years I have chosen the greater power for price route. However, I have tired of the continuous problems Windows-based systems have presented. Yes, I have paid more money, but I am much happier and less frustrated. I have not tried talking anyone into switching to Mac. This is an individual choice. Some people known as Windouches will do anything to make Apple look bad.

I was recently in the market for a high end desktop replacement notebook and after alot of looking around for what would fit me it came down to a 17" macbook pro or an hp envy 17…. Who ever thinks macs are not overpriced are out of their minds…. Here is what i was deciding between when looking at these notebooks i am in Canada so these are Canadian prices.

Intel Core iQM processor 1. Dont think thats over priced? I've been a PC-user for 10 years and am very advanced user, I see comments like "Macs are much easier to use", it's all relative and it's what you're used to. When my friend had a problem on his Mac I was dumbfounded by a simple issue that would have taken me about 5 minutes to fix on a PC.

Macs are extremely user unfriendly. I've always had problems with a Mac, but never a PC. My first computer was a Mac as I thought it was the 'smarter choice'. The early Mac would always ask me to re-insert a floppy disc before allowing me to shut down the computer which drove me insane. Then later Macs would not allow me to save a file with a longer name forcing me to first save the file to the desk top and then renaming it which was a complete waste of time. Now the stupid Mac always asks me to re-format the same USB which previously worked. All of these experiences were on different Macs.

Let's get the definitive answer, at least before the game changes on us once again. The considerable caveat being that, for those willing to pay for copies of Windows and Parallels and learn a little virtualization geek-speak, a Mac can run Windows programs. Microsoft Office for Mac lacks Publisher and Access; you're not missing much. Edge: Even. Desktops: iMac Rules, With One Exception The old-fashioned tower desktop with external monitor and speakers is pretty much dead. You don't need multiple drive bays in this age of huge hard drives plus USB 3. In its place, we have the all-in-one desktop.

There are many good Windows all-in-ones but do any rank with the iMac duo? This desktop status symbol wows you with its inch wraparound screen, with dimensions of 3,by-1, pixels that are perfect for arranging multiple app windows at once.

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You can enjoy the panoramic view without the distracting bezel down the middle you get with two side-by-side monitors. The HP isn't perfect; there's very little online video content to fit its aspect ratio as opposed to the usual aspect ratio display and, just like the iMacs, it annoyingly lacks front- or side-mounted ports for flash drives or SD cards.

But also like the iMacs, it'll keep you extra productive while making your home office look terrific. Overall, the iMacs have the desktop edge, but the HP Envy and its wraparound screen almost make it a fair fight. Edge: Mac. Also, the competition has caught up. The 2,by-1, Retina Pro was a landmark when it arrived in , but today's 4K 3,by-2, Windows laptops provide a better view.

The Apple MacBook Air Inch inspired a generation of ultrabook rivals and would-be rivals, but its 1,by screen and 2. And Apple, at least as of this writing, has nothing to compete with Windows touch-screen 2-in-1s. Be it convertible units with Lenovo Yoga-style flip-and-fold designs or detachable units jettisoning their keyboards to become lightweight tablets, Apple hasn't even entered the convertible market.

Some hybrids, to be sure, are mainly silly who wants a Apple's MacBook hardware, while still stellar, also isn't as far ahead of Windows competitors as it used to be, especially for the Apple price. Edge: Windows.