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My hobby is restoring old Thinkpads, about 15 in all, all with XP in primary partition. As of March , Skype 7. As of April that version will not connect in ALL the machines tried each one at a time except the one I had been using as my daily driver. I am trying to figure why one kept working and the others failed.

So far I have not solved the puzzle since all the XPs use clones of an original partition. It stopped working on my Windows 7 since a few days; forced to update.. Pls the link to download the 7. Update on As I wrote on April 1st — the workaround with username and Password on Win10 stopped to work. It installs automatically with Windows 10 and you ready to go. Sound is clear on both Persons in the Skye converation. No distortion in sound at all. I recommend this way on connection this new version of Skye. Same sentiments here. How clumsy and Pathetic!

The worst thing is there is a lag when you hit the video button during a call. I need to hit it many times in order for the video to pop out. Hope someone could still figure out a turn around for the Classic. The classic version of Skype 7 is no longer supported, the underlying infrastructure required for that version no longer exists.

Hi I was using the Skype Portable version 7. It forces me to update to the newer version. This just happened last March 29 Please help how to roll over to the Prior version.

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There is a workaround to login but your Skype account should have a username. He seems to be referring to a method which is working for a very few users. You could find the Skype ID from your Skype profile settings. And if it lets you log in, you may change the shortcut to Skype to autorun the above command. I will update the article if I get it working. This method is worked. I need to run a few Skye classic I found a solution but it is difficult. Yo man thanks alot it worked for me. This saves me from the headache which is SkyPe 8. The only downside for me is that i already used a command in the shortcut to run a 2nd instance of Skype.

For a 2nd account simultaneously. See image below.. I have the same Problems when I want to open a second Skype instance. I currently have Skype version 7. Can you help me? Thank you Fixxer, your method works. How can I get a skype classic that is currently working my Windows PC. The Skype 7. I can confirm that none of the Skype Classic versions are working at the moment except for the macOS app. Please stay tuned to this page for updates. Help as of today 29 7. Are going to Post another solution or are we up the so called creek?

Nothing works. Hi folks, I had been using Skype 7. So can I have a chance besides uninstalling it, though uninstalling it is also a nightmare you know — then installing the version mentioned here like 7. Will we have any guarantee that we would face such update notification s again? I hated Skype, and Microsoft completely killed it.

I wish we has a freedom to use what version we want. Skype 7. Please write the date in your comments, so we can move forward. Please think of the environment and global warming! I had Skype version 7. Now all I can do is update or quit. Where do I find this Temporary folder in case there is an installer file lurking?

Can anyone confirm that they still have a Classic version working? Could it be that it has worked for 1 month since installation and now I have to do something to make it work again? Change of keyboard layout? Just a quick uPdate — I have successfully installed version 7. There was a temporary outage for Skype 7 on 16th of March.

I managed to get it to work again. I re-downloaded 7. It Prompted me to restart the computer. After doing that I was able to log into Skype again. Anyone have some advice? Thank you! Instead it just kept showing the spinning wheel like its searching for internet connection. All contacts appeared offline. I deleted Skype then tried to download it again now. I click your link but when the download shows uP on my computer it automatically changes to 8. Anyone having this issue?. Version 7. Does anyone have a work around when Skype 7.

I tried disabling the shitty new version and it connects. Today 16 March the version 7. March 16 Skype version 7. It opens but it keeps the arrows circleing. Who helps? Is anyone else having this problem? It seems Microsoft may have completely pulled the plug on Skype classic. Is there any workaround or is this it? Today 16th March Skye 7. Tried 7. Now I found this version 7. Blessed be the Fruit!

Download Skype Classic ( &

May the Lord Open! I am so glad I found this Page! I totally hate Skype 8! Thanks for helping me to downgrade to Skype 7 again! I hope version 7.

Fix Skype for Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7

Dont worry guys I have cracked SkyPe. So even if they block your last working 7. So screw MS! Skype version 7. It logged off automatically and it is now impossible to log in. Automatic-update checkbox is missing from Advanced tab in this version of skype. Nothing older than v. Win 7. Tried all the tricks available on the internet.

Any solution to skype 7 not connecting? Thanks for continuing to update this page.

Download Skype Classic ( & )

I had been using the 7. I just tried downloading and installing the 7. Which is fine, because it seems to work for the moment. Anyways, because this page has a little bit of a mixmash of information and dates and directions it is getting a little hard to follow what is going on.

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One thing that would be super helpful is if you could turn on date-stamping for the comments threads. SKYPE 7. I downloaded the 7. Will see how long this version can last. I can tell you why they did that. I have used the Classic version 7. On Monday 28th of January this year, , I was surprised to find out that I could no longer access Skype, unless I upgraded it to the horrible v. I tried every possible way I could think of, but to no avail. I restored the system to earlier points, I un-installed the Skype, and re-istalling the old version 7 offline….

I wonder if anyone can help on how to roll back this Skype to Classic version, please. Many thanks. Hate hate hate new version of Skye. I guess the stupid at Microsoft have to earn their money somehow so messing with some that works is how they do it. Hi again, are you also testing Skype 7 for Android? I have android os 4. I downloaded many different versions for Android, but all ended up with the update notification. So at the end I updated for my phone. At least on the phone it looks more usable, if there is no workaround, I will give it a try. I use Skype on the phone just rarely anyway.

But for desktop the only option is the version 7, 8 is a no go. Thank you so much for suggesting version 7. MS: congratulation- you killed another good Product. Thanks for this page. However I can decline the upgrade and still use skype. Today is 18 January and Skype 7. I hope it still works when I come back from my holidays and netbook will not go haha. This website is the best! Greetings to everybody reading the comments. Ivi from Buenos Aires. So I reinstalled. I added the 7. Can you give me some suggestions on how to fix it? Thank you for the 7. It works. But I cannot install 7.

Probably you know why. Thank you bro. Website looked as a next scam, but everything works and explained perfectly! Keep up great work! They have a lot of incompetent Indian developers working over at Microsoft. This is ridiculous. I agree with your views on new Skype. Thank you for publishing this and keeping it updated! I remember MS doing similar forced upgrades with Windows Live Messenger MSN whilst I was growing up and the newer versions were always terrible and no one wanted to upgrade.

I used to do everything to avoid updating… which reminded me of a fix I used years back which I wondered if you had tried? To stop MS ruining our Skype that we want to keep alive!! I hope they will not destroy this version. The same updating message is placed in the exe file so I guess they can tweak the server to call that function. However I do not understand why Microsoft works more on the shutting down the backdoors for version 7 instead of improving skype8.

BTW the 8. Scroll up in the article and you will find the link. It should work for Win7. I guess that with all that cat and mouse game with Microsoft the Win7 owners have an advantage over Win10 owners. You saved my brain to explode! I had been on their Support chat for hours will Contact them anytime. I have no free for time to piss them off. Today is 16 jan and Skype 7. Freaking hate Microsoft. No wonder amd shares dropped by a dollar as soon as exec showed up at CES conference.

RIP skype classic desktop. I had to restart my computer today Jan. I have deleted skype installer in the Temp folder, disabled Skype update in services.. I even tried reinstalling from the links here, yet nothing works.

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The Microsoft always produce only beta versions. I would never pay for Microsoft products. Everything works only half. And you can see.. Soon I will migrate to another communication product. If someone tell you that you have to stop using something and update otherwise quit.. Using this modern shit is so frustrating. Why do they force on us using a new version when classic one would work perfectly even without further support. It means that most users would never ever shift into this shit 8!

Whoever inveneted this new version should be awarded with a medal as the world idiot! I have been using 7. I hope someone will find a way around this because new version is ugly and have you seen how much Skype folder become? I can understand new updates when there are security issues but there are NONE! I hope someone will find a way around this but it seams Microsoft tracking down all this loopholes and forcefully close them! I have been using skype to connect with my site, but since the new update was made we cant chat as we used its just so bad I hate it.

Hello Correct. As of 14 January it looks like the update is forced upon us despite version 7. If anybody figured out how to keep Classic Skype working please share. Hey Does anyone know what to do to get round that forced update skype? Please share what can be done to use the classic version. I tried the 7. Microsoft is very protective and a bit slimy.

I confirm no way to log in to Skype 7.

I tried several versions of Skype 7. I really hope for workaround because Skype 8 is a mobile version not made for desktop. I cant bypass the forced update screen anymore I tried all the steps. Using v7. I really hate this forced new version its horrible. See system requirements. Different phone? Discover more devices by selecting the arrow.

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This feature will be coming soon to Japan. No emergency calls with Skype Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling.